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Wayne and Becky Word
Alvin, TX
We started our small herd in 1999 by purchasing 5 percentage boers with hopes of getting some help
clearing our heavily wooded 20 acres. Soon people would stop by and ask if we had any goats for sale, so
we added a few more. Next our county, Brazoria, started allowing goats to be shown at the County Fair and
a demand for wethers sprang up. That's when we decided to start doing a little research and join the ABGA.
We wanted to add some meat and bone structure to our kids so we bought a couple of nice fullblood bucks
from Farmers Stock Exchange. We added some fullblood does by the way of Peacock's first dispersal sale
and a few others small ranchers getting out of the goat business. One of the does we happened to pick up
had EGGS in her name and that led us to John and Jackie Edwards in Stephenville. This has started a
whole new direction for our small operation. We are interested in showing and we wanted a
grandparent/grandchild bonding activity and goat shows are excellent for that. Our 5 year old
granddaughter, Marina, is only interested in winning 'Pink' ribbons (4th) so let's hope she likes that color
for a while! We have shown the past year and have done well at some shows but more importantly we are
having lots of fun. It has been a growing experience and we are always learning. We still have our
percentage herd and wethers, but we have grown our fullblood herd to include many traditionals as well as
paints, reds and blacks. We have met a bunch of great people and have made quite a lot of new friends.
Our plans are to continue to grow our knowledge of the Boer business as we have learned to AI and are
investing in doing flushes with some of our friends and partners.
Give us a call or drop us a line, we love hearing from new, prospective and existing goat folks. We try to
update our pictures or at least list what we have available for sale but with full time jobs, grandkids and
goat kids it gets pretty hectic.

THANKS for visiting our site!!
Wayne and Becky

We proudly fly our American and Texas flags along with the
US Air Force, US Marine Corp and a POW/MIA flag.